“Election 2016 appears to be one of the most contentious in recent memory. While the usual Republican vs Democrat rancor is evident, the larger narrative involves pitting the “establishment” against those who feel as though “the American Dream” has become either a mirage at best or a nightmare. As of this update, there does not appear to be a clear cut “leader” in the Presidential race – and several other key seats in the House, Senate and state legislature appear to be “up for grabs” as well.

What follows are my recommendations the key election issues of the day, focusing primarily on the races in which votes can actually have some kind of impact. First up, the state propositions; next, the Presidential race followed by the battle for whom will be the Golden State’s next United States Senator. Finally, a look at key races for seats in the California State Senate and Assembly. Then, at the end of my recommendations, I’ll provide a link to a couple of places you can turn for a fairly thorough analysis of key state initiatives and races county by county here in California.” ~Roger

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Roger is a lifelong Southern California resident who tends to lean more on the conservative side of the political equation, but is open to thoughtful (wise) and respectful (considerate) debate.

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Roger completed his undergraduate studies in Business Administration at Cal State Fullerton, and Business Management at Azusa Pacific University. He is currently anticipating graduation from Niagara Lutheran Theological Institute, at which point he will become an ordained minister (Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ).

In 1983 Roger launched his radio career, adding network television responsibilities in October of 1992, and since then has been involved with network television commercial billboards (“sponsored by”) for the FOX network.

Roger has been blessed with two daughters, one son, a son-in-law and one “son-in-law-in-training.” He is a passionate Baseball fan, especially of his beloved Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.