Does the Whining Ever Stop?

Liberals keep complaining about Social Injustice, Conservatives complain about liberals lack of logic. Bottom line is we all are complaining about something.  So… what complaint are you tired of hearing about?



Are these REALLY social injustices?:

  • A Crude Oil Pipeline built BY white devils that goes BY your land
  • Why do your priorities trump mine as long as i am obeying the law?
  • How much accommodation is too much?
  • The many suffer to satisfy the few.  


I always heard my conservative dad, uncle or grandpa complain in a different:

  • “They’re all  idiots!” – Gun Control
  • “Oooooooh the PC police are here!” – LGBT
  • “Just follow the law, it’s not that difficult.”- BLM
  • “She’s a criminal, what the hell!? Put her away!” -Emails
  • “ISIS is our biggest problem, HELLO!!!”  – Climate Change
  • “ISIS IS our biggest problem,HELLO!!!” – ISIS refugees
  • “Politics is soooooo boring, i’m soooooo over it” – is it November yet


There are couple that we are tired of hearing about

  1. R) I see no Christians so I’M NOT VOTING!!!”
  2. M) FEELINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. R) The Election TV Game Show –  SHUT UP!
  4. M) Obama has been a good president / Hillary will continue his legacy

So again, everyone complains about something.  What complaint are you tired of hearing about? Give us a call: 800-227-5278


We do not have to accept the culture of complaining that we find ourselves in today. Even more important than just not accepting it, is not contributing to it. We can rise above all the complaining today by looking beyond ourselves and what makes us feel good moment to moment. We can objectively look big picture and try to find solutions that work for more than just ourselves. Once we can see beyond our own personal likes and dislikes, we can begin to truly counter act all of the self-righteous, self-absorbed, myopic and entitled behaviors that run rampant today. We are not called to look like or behave like the rest of the world. We are called to be examples to the world of our savior who did not complain about the world he saw but gave everything selflessly to save it.

Marc Mitchel ~ Rob Newton 

The Morning Brew


We could write some inspirational note to get you to vote.  To realize that it is your duty and not only a right.  That you can actually make a difference in California voting on the different Props.  Even try to convince you that at least making your mark in our nation’s history when it comes to the general election.  But we won’t.  You’ve made up your mind, right? Well just in case you haven’t let us remind you of these important facts:

Presidential candidates:

Hillary Rodham Clinton (D)

Donald J. Trump (R)

Gary Johnson (L)

Jill Stein (G)

Evan McMullin (? Who is this guy?)

No really, who is Evan McMullin?  Well any way don’t forget to learn more about the California Props: Click HERE

So make sure you register to vote and then get out there!  Click Here to Register online October 24th is your deadline.

Marc Mitchel ~ Rob Newton

The Morning Brew


Donald Trump This, Donald Trump That

It is getting more and more amusing to watch the news.  Since everyone save Fox News is on the Clinton take, there is a lot of stories coming out with objective to discredit him.  This week it’s all about how much of a chauvinist pig he is and that you need to “hide yo kids and hide yo wives.”  Now there are Christians condemning the past of the Donald and Pastors once in his circle saying they can no longer back him.  Bill O’rielly said in a report this week that Donald Trump needs the Evangelical vote.  So as a believer, do the recent allegations against Donald Trump have you turning your back on him?  If not, what would it take to get you to vote for Hillary?

Solutions if there are any:

  • How about you add some political factoids to your weekly group Bible Study
  • Know what you think is important and know what is actually important to God
  • October 24th is your deadline to register.  Do it now! Click Here


Also here are some more Props you should learn more about because you will be voting on them people.

  1. Prop 58 – I can’t understand you?!
  2. Prop 59 – Where is this money coming from anyway?
  3. Prop 62 – Let’s poor more money into the flawed state justice system
  4. Prop 66 – Let’s fix the problem with the state justice system

Marc Mitchel ~ Rob Newton

The Morning Brew

Fact Checker

Your vote will count this November 8th.  Especially when it comes to California issues.  So educate yourself about the Presidential candidates but more importantly, learn what you can about the many props that will be on the ballot.  We’ll do our best to help you with that.

So find out whats up with the CA Props HERE

Marc Mitchel ~ Rob Newton

The Morning Brew

One more thing, if you missed the Vice presidential debate you missed little.  However you can watch the “highlights” here:

The Morning Brew Happy Birthday Show

It’s our one year anniversary show! We’re talking about that, California Props and the 1st Presidential debate.  For those of you that watched CNN Monday night the debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was like watching Ben Stiller movies.  That awkward, “Please don’t say that” feeling.  Well today on TMB we will discuss who actually won the debate…If anyone did.

Also find out whats up with the CA Props HERE

Marc Mitchel ~ Rob Newton

The Morning Brew

Oh and if you had something “better” to do on Monday and missed the debate, here are some highlights: